Making the Old New Again!


At Mid-Towne Works, we have work space available to suit your needs. Reserve your space by the hour, day, week, month or longer if you like. Select the space that fits your needs at the moment, choose a seat at the bar in the open atrium, or a semi-private collaborative space with a desk top in the Franklin space near the coffee bar, perhaps the comfortable open seating space in the Lincoln theater meets your needs. Looking for a more traditional, private office, meeting room or conference room; well, we have those too. Select a space for yourself or you and a co-worker, or even your whole work team to work on a project. Whatever, the need we have a flexible floor plan, that allows you to pick and choose what will work best for you. All the spaces are fully furnished, we can change things around to suit your needs. If you prefer a long-term reservation, you can bring in your own office furniture and set up.

This model is a reconfiguration of the past model of starting and building a business. In today’s world, everything is driven by a cell phone, lap top, I-pad, or tablet. We live in a mobile society that is always on the go, and the needs of business owners have changed. The cost of building, owning, and maintaining a brick and mortar work space outweighs the benefits. Mid-Towne Works allows you choose when you need the space, how much space you need, and how much time you need on a project. Tomorrow, may bring new challenges and your space needs may change, you are not locked into a long-term brick and mortar contract. If your space needs are more fluid then you can reserve what you need for each day as it comes.

Work in a more cost-effective, efficient, creative and interactive environment that encourages people to come together to share ideas and gather information which allows you to take productivity to a whole new level. Meet new people, bounce ideas off each other, discuss the latest technology. This fluid work space design allows people to interact, share different skills, experiences, ideas and goals and find what works best. Expand your contacts, establish and increase your network groups, and market your business in a creative and affordable way throughout the month or during a single day. Combining our individual differences with collaborative interactions among members brings a fountain of opportunity and serves as the foundation of this innovative collaborative business practice. Mid-Towne Works is focused on attracting a variety of members from all different backgrounds, industries and experiences, and promotes the connections for exploration.

Mid-Towne Works is more than a centrally located work space it is a social gathering spot for collaboration, interaction and conversation in the work place. It has great architecture, special attention to detail and innovation with an industrial yet comfortable vibe.

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